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Birthwork. It is an all-encompassing profession describing maternal health practitioners who offer physical, emotional and mental support to a family as they prepare to welcome new life.


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This anthology from Birthwork Publishing, LLC is a unique collection of first-person narratives that capture the essence of the birth worker experience. From the joys and triumphs to the trials and tribulations, this series provides an intimate look into the work of birth workers across a diverse range of skills, pedagogy, culture and specialty.

This is a must-have for any birth worker looking to gain insight into the profession, as well as for those who wish to appreciate the diverse perspectives of those who make up the birth worker community. With its thought-provoking stories and powerful insights, this anthology is sure to be a treasured addition to any library. So, grab your notebook and dive into this captivating collection of narratives – the perfect way to honor the first profession we all share.

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